SEARCH ENGINE TIPS: Finding a boat using the Get Sailing search engine

When using our Search Engine some valuable tips can make the difference between quickly find what you’re looking for, or getting a bit lost and confused! Here’s our guide to help you out! It’s worth taking 2 minutes to read it…

CHROME BUG ALERT. If you are using Chrome Browser you will find the scroll side bar and page up and down functions of your computer don’t work as your screen may appear FROZEN! You can still scroll however using your mouse’s scroll wheel, or else please access Get Sailing using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or another browser. We are currently working hard on fixing this browser-related bug!


a) Destination. Start typing in the destination you would like to go sailing (and remember we have boats in every major sailing destination in the world). Our search engine responds to your search by autoselecting the destination as you type. However you still have to click on that destination to continue to the next field. If for some reason you can’t find the destination you’re looking for something broader. For example if you searching for boats on the Costa Brava, but Costa Brava doesn’t appear as a destination, then type Spain instead. (Note: We use English spelling for all destinations so Majorca, not Mallorca for example).

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for then please use our simple enquiry form instead. We’ll search for a boat for you anywhere in the world.

b) Other search fields: Select the other search criteria quickly and easily using our drop down boxes. Most of our boats are sailing yachts (this category includes catamarans). The majority of yacht charter companies who work with us charter their yachts for a period of 1 or 2 weeks, normally Saturday to Saturday. You will increase your chances of finding a boat by following this booking pattern. Other requests are still welcome, and outside peak season especially charterers are more flexible.


a) Check Boxes. Once your search results appear you will have the chance to filter them to find exactly what you’re looking for. For example if you are searching for a bareboat (ie. without skipper) charter, check the bareboat box to remove boats that are skippered (NOTE: 99% of bareboat charters have a skipper option, which you can select when making your enquiry). Similarly you can check the catamaran box to display only catamarans. (Note: monohull is the term for all non-catamaran sailing vessels!).

b) Sliding Filters. Use the orange sliding filters to quickly filter out boats with too few berths (ie. number of sleeping places) or which are out of your budget. (There are also sliding filters for year of build and equipment index but these are less useful!).

c) Location / Model. Two more useful functions for refining your search are the Location and Model buttons. Simply click on the + sign to reveal a drop down menu for exactly what you’re looking for.

…but if you can’t find it send us your requirements via our search form.


a) More details. See something you like? Click on the boat name to view technical details. And then the ‘view’ and ‘equipment’ tabs for blueprint/photos and equipment list

b) Booking. To book a boat first click on the orange buttons on the right with the price. This will open up a new screen where you can check options like “skipper” and “outboard motor” and “bedding” to get a final price. If you are ready to book simply click book now and the boat will be reserved for you and you will be send payment instructions. If you’d like to review the offer click “get offer” and you will be sent a PDF of the offer to your inbox, with a unique Charter Request number, along with instructions on how to book at a later date.

If you have questions related to an offer please send us a separate email, quoting your Charter Request number, and we’ll get back to you with the answers.

If you’ve read our tips and tried a search but still not been successful in finding a boat please get in contact with us via our enquiry form, or via email.