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Seventy percent of our planet’s surface is water, so if you’re looking for somewhere on Earth to go sailing you’ll find plenty of opportunities on our four major oceans, over a hundred seas and countless lakes. The world’s most famous sailing destinations are the Mediterranean Sea, the cradle of Western civilization, where you can set sail to and from the likes of Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France and Spain, and the tropical Bahamas and Caribbean Islands with their turquoise waters and idyllic beaches, sitting in between North and South America. Meanwhile both the UK and Australia are surrounded by sea and have great marinas to set sail from and rich discoveries to be made (both Great Britain’s Isle of Wight and Eastern Australia’s Whitsunday Islands are sailing meccas!), and are extremely popular with native and foreign sailors.

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Sailing off the coast of Ibiza, by: Vince_Vega

However the world offers so much more to discover than these well known destinations. Chartering a yacht and casting off anchor in the likes of Thailand, Malaysia and other parts of South East Asia can be akin to experiencing heaven on earth, whilst the continents of Africa and South America boast some of the longest unspoiled coastlines on the planet (Brazil alone has nearly 7500km of coast!). Other lesser-known locations that might provide you with the perfect setting for a sailing vacation might be Sweden’s Stockholm archipelago in the Baltic Sea, the Masurian lakes of Poland, sailing on the Black Sea from Bulgaria or Ukraine or – on the other side of the world – the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

In this, the destinations section of Get Sailing, we talk you through our favourite places throughout the world to explore by boat, and tell you what’s great to see, how to get there, and give you some practical advice about weather/conditions and ports. By using our yacht charter search engine (it’s available on every page in our header!) we’ll also help you compare prices and book your boat online. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our database, either take a look at our charter company directories (coming soon!) or send us an enquiry with your requirements and we’ll search for a boat for you.

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